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Certificate of Representative
Certificate of Representative

Modern, unique and unequalled Water Desalination System, Aqua-Life with having advantages of using the newest and the latest

scientific and empirical findings and results of researches, and with utilizing the high-technology, has been assembled and produced in “Poland” as the supreme products with cooperation of Germany and Russia. The results of exploiting innovation and creativity and modern technology, which is being used in production of Aqua-Life, led to manufacture of the desalination system of water which is in appearance, performance, efficiency, and durability unrivaled and economically beneficent. (Aqua-Life is Like None)

Aqua-Life (water desalination system of Reverse Osmosis) with the capacity of production, ranged from 30 (m³ /day) to the highest capacity of 1000 (m³/day), are capable of desalinating seawater and brackish water (1500 to 60000 ppm TDS) and producing healthy and pure water (with TDS around 200 ppm for drinking water, 1000 ppm for farming) and even are capable of producing water with (TDS of 5 ppm or under for special industrial uses).
Central unit (Exclusive to Aqua-Life) has been produced by marine alloy containing Aluminum and Magnesium and covered by Zinc under pressure and high temperature processing that causes life-expectancy of 15 years. Using central unit (instead of Booster Pumps, High pressure Pumps, Recovery Pumps and with elimination of all extra pipes) has caused production of new water desalination system that uses low electricity, and provides customers with the highest efficiency. Innovation and creativity of its modular design (Exclusive to Aqua-Life), in addition to possibility for development during the time for customers, has resulted in reduction in size, dimension and weight of desalination system of Aqua-Life and has increased efficiency, durability of long life and ease of maintenance. All of this alteration means that the technology which is exclusive to Aqua-Life has caused reduction in price of produced water.

The salient traits of the water desalination system of Aqua-Life (In comparison to other Euro & USA brands):
■ High efficiency (in comparison to other brands)
■ Small size and dimension (25% in comparison to other brands)
■ Low energy consumption (25% in comparison to other brands)
■ Maintenance (as the result of omitting pumps, plums, valves and…)
■ Long-life durability (anticorrosive alloy used in the central unit)
■ ۱۵-year guarantee of central unit
■ Development in time with the lowest investment (modular system)
■ Competitive price (minimum 20% less than similar brands)

Aqua-Life desalination systems are recommended for:
■ Providing drinking water for small, medium and large cities and off-the-track villages
■ Proving water for use of farming, green fields and gardening
■ Providing drinking water for cruise ships and cargo ships
■ Providing water for construction sites
■ Providing water for entertainment resorts
■ Providing water for manufacturers and petrochemical plants

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